Femoral Hernia Repair

Need an Experienced Surgeon for Unfailing Femoral Hernia Repair in Arlington, TX?

DRP Surgery leaves no stone unturned in ensuring hernia patients speedy healing from painful femoral hernia conditions. In Arlington, TX, DRP Surgery provides the most preferable medical amenities to patients for unfailing femoral hernia repair, administered using high-end medical tools and high-precision techniques.

What is femoral hernia?

Femoral hernia occurs when weak muscles of groin let the gut develop. It is a comparatively unusual type of hernia, accounting for merely 3 percent of all the hernia conditions. This type of hernias is more commonly diagnosed in adults compared to children. It is somewhat tricky to identify the condition as femoral hernia, as it is largely alike to inguinal hernia. It can be distinguished from inguinal hernia by finding its location.

What are the causes of femoral hernia?

The complication occurs because of some conditions such as swelling in the groin, size, and inner stress of the guts. Everlasting cough caused by lung ailment and smoking can also lead to femoral hernia. Moreover, obesity is also found to be one of the major forcing causes of femoral hernia.

Who are exposed to femoral hernia?

The femoral hernia is mainly diagnosed in older women and the women of short height. In some cases, men and children are also found to be exposed to the hernia.

How is it examined?

The examination of femoral hernia is somewhat critical as it is tested manually through the examination of groin. Yet, those having obesity need to go through an imaging diagnosis procedure such as CT scan, X-rays and MRI test.

What are the procedures of femoral hernia repair surgery?

The repair surgery is generally administered through the general anesthesia on outpatient base. Once anesthesia is given, surgeons start their procedures with an incision. The laparoscope instrument is placed inside the stomach to see the internal organs and to identify weak muscles. They make another incision for supplementary surgical implements. If they find weak muscles in small size, they repair the muscles and push intestine back to its place and use sutures to cover the hole. But if the muscles are diagnosed with larger size, surgeons apply mesh method rather than the suture one to ensure the patients complete repair of the hernia.

The time-frame of postoperative recovery

As the surgical procedure is carried through laparoscopic methods, patients can go back to their home on the same day, but those having unfavorable health conditions have to stay in hospital for some days. They are advised to mind the tender incision to avoid additional stress on newly operated areas.

Whether you need a reliable surgery for permanent relief from painful femoral hernia conditions or expert advice on the hernia conditions, DRP Surgery delivers you the best femoral hernia repair surgery solutions that match your health needs. At DRP Surgery, all surgical procedures are exercised and completed under the supervision of Rajesh S Padmanabhan, MD, FACS, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery.