Lipoma Surgery

Searching for High Quality and Effective Lipoma Surgery in Arlington, Texas?

DRP Surgery caters surgical needs to lipoma patients with qualitative medical solutions to treat severe Lipoma conditions applying the latest medical instruments and facilities in Arlington, Texas. We apply all the prescribed surgical procedures for lipoma treatment so as to ensure safe surgery and high satisfaction. DRP Surgery is committed to improving patients’ quality of life by reducing lipoma symptoms in the shortest period of time.

What is a Lipoma?

Lymphoma is a tumor that usually develops under the skin. This tumor can be soft, movable, painful or painless. Though, lipoma is mostly located on the upper thigh, neck, armpits, and upper arm, but it can be found anywhere in the human body. Most of the tumors are tiny-sized, but they can get enlarged by 6cm over the period.

Although the tumors can affect people of all ages, but it is commonly found in those aged above 40 years. The tumor needs no surgical treatment or other medical solutions, if it is painless and doesn’t grow bigger. But, if it develops abnormally, then there is a great possibility of cancerous conditions.

What are the causes of Lipoma?

Though the main cause of Lipoma is not apparent yet, but its natural growth in the body is said to be genetic. Moreover, a mild injury is also found as a triggering cause for Lipoma growth below the skin.

How Lipomas are examined –

A lipoma can normally be examined by its form itself, but lipoma surgeons go through in-depth examination to know the real cause of its growth. The examination involves imaging diagnosis procedures such as X-rays, CT scan, MRI, Biopsy, and liposarcoma.

When Lipoma needs to be removed surgically?

A lipoma needs no surgical treatment, if it doesn’t change over the period. But, it needs surgical treatment, if the tumor develops any cancerous symptom. A lipoma requires surgical treatment when it:

  • Is painful.
  • Becomes diseased or swollen repeatedly.
  • Grows larger day by day.
  • Discharge smelling liquid.
  • Looks bothersome.

How Lipoma is treated surgically?

Most of the developed tumors are treated in outpatient surgery centers. The Lipoma surgeons apply a local analgesic around the tumor and cut the skin to take out the developed tisues. The incision is closed with some stitches. If it has developed in the area that cannot be approached through the normal incision, the experts remove the tumor using proper tools and methods.


As discussed above, the surgery rarely goes through the severe procedures in operating rooms. Patients can go back to their home on the same day. Their stitches are removed by the observing doctor within a few days.

Whether you need an expert examination on growing Lipoma or a high quality surgery for the tumor, DRP Surgery delivers you the best surgical and medical solutions in the least amount of time. At DRP Surgery, all colonoscopy procedures are done under the supervision of Rajesh S Padmanabhan, MD, FACS, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery.