Mediport Placement

Looking for the Most Accurate Mediport Placement for Painless Medication in Arlington, Texas?

DRP Surgery offers flawless Mediport placement solutions to those looking for painless treatment of oncology and hematology medication in Arlington, Texas. With the application of the latest port (Mediport) in the medication, the clinicians at DRP Surgery ensure no hindrances in patients’ daily life routine even while bathing and swimming. We deliver utmost convenience and patient-friendly amenities for the entire medication procedures. Mediport is the most innovative port for the treatment at DRP Surgery, having soft and thin plastic tube attached with an operative septum.

What is a port?

In medical science, a port is a custom-designed medical device that is used to ease the treatment of oncology and hematology especially. It consists of a soft plastic tube connected with a septum. The device is inserted beneath the skin and catheter, a medical name of plastic pipe, that links the device with veins. The device has a septum that is kept just below the skin for either injecting medicines or drawing blood samples several times. It lets the doctors avoid repeated incision and needle stick.

How is it placed?

The port is generally injected in upperchest, just next to the collarbone and then doctor inserts the end of the device in blood vessels. In order to render utmost convenience to patients, doctors make the port noticeable as a tiny upraised area below the skin. The doctor makes two small incisions for injecting the port. The slighter one is about 0.5 inches, generally made near neck, and the second one is made near the chest wall measuring about 3 inches.

How the device is used?

The inserted port is prominently used to transport the medicine to exact tissues with utmost ease and high-precision. The procedure is applied in two methods such as bolus injection and continuous infusion. These two procedures serve the similar amenities applying different injection methods.

What are the risks of having port?

  • Infection – Insertion of ports in the veins can cause severe infection, if it is not handled carefully.
  • Thrombosis – There may be blood clots developing in the vein due to insertion. It may block the functioning of port permanently. To stop the growth of blood clot, experts usually attending nurses flush the pipe with saline and heparin at least once in every 3 weeks.
  • Device failure – It is exceptionally doubtful to get the device failed during medication. There is a possibility that the part of port might break and get stuck in vascular track. But it doesn’t create severe problems as the doctors take out the damaged part through minor surgery.
  • Arterial injury – The subclavian route may get mistakenly punctured, which generally causes subcutaneous hematoma and a pseudoaneurysm.

How can patients care their ports?

  • Cover the incision.
  • No rubbing.
  • Don’t take a bath until doctors approve of.
  • Escape heavy force.
  • Keep the area dry.

Whether you need a painless Mediport placement or exact medication through the port, DRP Surgery delivers you the best and reliable solutions that help patients avail of reliable medication for oncology and hematology through the latest Mediport placement technique. At DRP Surgery, the port insertion is conducted and completed under the supervision of Rajesh S Padmanabhan, MD, FACS, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery.

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